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6 Borneo Tours of Wildlife Will Leave a Permanent Exotic Experience in Your Life

Borneo Tours – Living in wilderness will never be easy, even the cute Mowgli in the movie of Jungle Book struggling to adapt the way of living with wolf. A brand new world without no proper house, no electricity resources, no internet or WiFi and of course with no TV, ones will definitely having a hard time. The only things that will naturally amaze and captured your attention are the spectacular nature. Breath in the fresh air, listen to the symphonic piece of the jungle and be mesmerize with the wonder of the wildlife.
Things has change now, it is easier to encounter all of this exotic knowledge and experience compared to 20 years ago. Trails, boats and land transportation are available to make it easier for you to immerse yourself with the beauty and wonders of the Mother Nature and its magical wilderness.
Those experiences are worth more than a zillion money that exist in this world, and you shouldn’t be regret on each penny that you will have to invest on this once in a lifetime journey to discover the nature and all it has to offer. So, to make your wildlife planning easier, we have listed 6 Borneo travel packages that we recommended you to join
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Borneo Tours – Kinabatangan River Adventure


Kinabatangan River are situated in Sabah, Malaysia, on the island of Borneo. It is the second longest river in Malaysia, with a length of 560 kilometers from its headwaters in the mountains of southwest Sabah, to its outlet at the Sulu Sea, east of Sandakan.


One of the most thrilling place to experience Borneo wildlife is not in the zoo but by cruising up and down Kinabatangan river, now that sounds like a great idea!
This Borneo tours of Kinabatangan activities included in this tour are four times of river cruise, Oxbow lake jungle trekking, and jungle night walk.


See all the details here Kinabatangan River Adventure and if you have any interest/inquiry on this tour click here.

Borneo Tours – Borneo Wildlife Tour


Be prepared to be amazed by the experience of a lifetime, witnessing the nocturnal Borneo Wildlife. This tour consists of two destinations which is Tabin & Kinabatangan (refer on the 1st tour).

Tabin Wildlife Reserve (TWR or Tabin) comprises a rectangular area of approximately 122,539 ha. in the centre of the Dent Peninsula, north-east of Lahad Datu town, south of the lower reaches of the Segama River and north of the Silabukan Protection Forest Reserve. It can be reached via sealed and gravel roads from Lahad Datu in about 40 minutes. The reserve is covered with lowland dipterocarp forest.

This Borneo tours journey takes 5 days to complete and to know more about the itinerary Borneo Wildlife Tour or if you have any interest/inquiry on this Borneo travel packages click here

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Borneo Tours – Borneo Turtle Adventure


This Borneo tours located in Libaran island. Libaran Island Sabah, known as turtle island Borneo is another Borneo top holiday destination which provides one the opportunity for sightseeing of Sabah’s pacific green or Hawksbill turtles coming ashore from ocean of Sabah to build nests, and lay their eggs.

This Sabah’s iconic treasure situated at Eastern Borneo Sabah takes nearly everything that is wonderful about the rest of Borneo and condenses it into a richly packed microcosm of the Libaran Sabah island consisting equal parts of adventure, wildlife, undersea exploration and flat-out fun.

For complete details just simply click here Borneo Turtle Adventure and if you ready to smell the warm Sabah sea breeze and to hear the sound of tropical Sabah island waves crashing, book this Borneo travel packages with us now!

Borneo Tours – Kiau Borneo Trekking


Do you fancy yourself as an explorer? Then this Borneo travel packages is perfect for you! Enrich with the unique and renowned North Borneo Sabah’s virgin tropical Borneon rainforests, magnificent Borneo’s waterfall, diversified with flora and fauna and various endemic species that only exist in Borneo, that’s what inspiring highlands of Kiau Borneo trekking trail which is a valley purified with its fresh air of Sabah jungle breeze and surrounded by the serenity of the majestic Mount Kinabalu standing tall and proud.

For complete details just simply click Kiau Borneo Trekking and if you ready to become an explorer of Borneo come and book this Borneo tours with us now!

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Borneo Tours – Bako National Park


Bako is one of the best places in Sarawak to see wildlife in a natural setting. The various types of animals that are commonly spotted at Bako include the proboscis monkeys, silver leaf monkeys, long-tailed macaques, wild boars, monitor lizards and numerous species of birds. Forest types range from mangrove to kerangas (heath forest), tropical swamp vegetation, cliff vegetation and beach vegetation. There are several trails to follow inside the park depending on level of fitness and interest. The park’s coastline is dotted with small bays, coves and beaches.

For complete details just simply click Bako National Park or book this Borneo travel packages with us now!

Borneo Tours – Sarawak Wetland National Park


It is the remains of the former Sarawak Mangrove Forest Reserve which covered area of 66.1 Kilometers. The park is composed of coastal, marine and freshwater ecosystems. Mangroves serve as important coastal deference absorbing strong waves. The park is the home some of Borneo Wildlife; Proboscis Monkey, long tailed macaques, silvered Langurs, Mudskippers, white belled sea eagles, firefly, horseshoe crabs and crocodile. The Irrawaddy Dolphin can be sighted during the season from April until September.

For complete details just simply click Sarawak Wetland National Park or book this Borneo travel packages with us now!

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Did we just pique your travel appetite? All of these Borneo travel packages can be tailored to meet your needs and if you have plan to come to Borneo in anytime soon, we are more than happy to assist you to make your Borneo Holidays less hassle.

Any places that you feel need to be in this list please comment us below.

Let the nature be your teacher – William Wordsworth
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