Handling all facets of Borneo trips for large groups is one of the things we do best here at Top Peak Travel.  From planning to execution, we handle it all, making your group trip to Borneo easy and worthwhile.

Group Tours for:

..School groups

…Large tour groups

….International travel companies

…..Corporate enterprises

……Team building

…….Conservation, sustainability, and community development

Your Borneo group tour.

Your way.

Top Peak Travel is your one-stop-shop for planning and handling of group tours.  We work closely with you from square one to put together a group trip built exactly for what your group needs.  We see it all the way through until the end to make sure everything runs without a hitch.

Group Tour Services:

..Trip Planning

…Ground handling


…..Community development projects

……Conservation projects

…….Meaningful team building activities

……..Thorough risk assessments

………Safety and emergency evacuation planning


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Your Borneo Group Tour.

Your Way.

Group Tour Planning and Ground Handling

The Top Peak Travel Borneo team provides expert service for group tours in Sabah, Sarawak, and beyond.   We handle every stage of the trip from planning through to the ground handling.


We have a significant amount of experience with school groups and provide services for multiple repeat clients.

Our experience makes us fully equipped to handle large groups and tackle the logistical challenges that large groups present.  Our operations and ground staff are experienced and adept at handling all facets of group tours.

School Groups

We provide full services for school groups for both foreign and Malaysian schools.  Top Peak Travel provides a plethora of activities catered to any age group.  We develop everything from meaningful itineraries that give participants enlightening experiences in community service projects to hardcore jungle survival.  We make sure to strike a good balance between challenging, educational, and of course, fun.

Community Development and Conservation

Top Peak Travel has developed a large network of community development projects and conservation efforts.  We have the ability to match your group with ongoing projects that produce real results.  This is part of our core values and we take it very seriously.  When your group participates in a community development or conservation project, we take great care to ensure that the projects achieve meaningful results and benefit the people in Borneo who need it the most.

Team Building

Borneo provides a plethora of unique team building opportunities from jungle survival to beach retreats.  We listen to your desires for your team and work with you to develop activities that will put your team in the ideal environment to strengthen bonds and develop skills that will stand the test of time.

Risk Assessments and Evacuation Plans

At Top Peak Travel, we believe that the best way to avoid risks and emergencies is through proper planning and preparation.  With the nature of adventure activities in Borneo, there will always be some risk, but we do our utmost to ensure those risks are mitigated.

All group activities are fully assessed for all possible risks.  Emergency procedures are developed and tested to ensure all possible safety precautions are considered and accounted for.  We produce risk assessments and evacuation plans specific to each group trip.

Your Borneo Group Tour.

Your Way.

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