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Malaysia’s COVID-19 Success Story

As Malaysia begins to relax the stay at home directives and people begin the slow return back to their day to day lives, it’s time to acknowledge and appreciate how Malaysia managed to contain the spread of COVID-19 and help the majority of...

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Customer Information

Please bear with us as things are changing constantly.  What was said yesterday may not be correct today.  As the government works through this unprecedented situation, adjustments are being made when and where they are needed. Where information is no longer valid, we...

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The 16 Best Things To Do In Malaysia

Malaysia is an amazing country of great diversity, super friendly people, and incredible natural beauty. We’ve lived here a long time and have had the chance to experience the country first as visitors and later, as locals.  What we have...

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Long Pasia (The Complete Guide)

In the southwest corner of Sabah, high up in the hills, two rivers meet. One is red (Pasia River) and one is clear (Matang River). At this convergence there lies a sleepy village known as Long Pasia. The inhabitants here are known as the...

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Places to eat in Kudat, Sabah, Borneo

As a Malaysian, we tend to have a soft spot on our own local food, especially the food from our hometown. My hometown is in Kudat, Sabah Borneo.  I am going to share the best places to eat in Kudat. So, if you are in Borneo right now, be...

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