Bizarre fruits in Sabah that you might never hear before!

June, 2017
When you visit Sabah, be sure to try out some of the bizarre fruits in Sabah. Refrain yourself from buying fruits in the supermarket because it is too common for you, instead, go to the local market which offers a wide variety of delicious and rare fruits that Mother Nature has in store for you. Get ready to open your eyes to a ‘new world’ when you taste the bizarre fruits in Sabah!
Here are some of the bizarre fruits in Sabah that you never heard before: 

1. Tarap Fruit or Marang

Bizarre fruits in Sabah
  • This is one of the native fruit that I am sure most Sabahan love to eat. However, for the first-timer or visitors, they may hate the fruit, and some eventually get used to the smell and they like it! Some say it’s due to its smell that makes them not too likable to the fruit, but I personally don’t feel the smell is as strong as the durian smell.
  • The skin of the Tarap is covered with soft and blunt spines, which doesn’t prick at all. When it is ripe, it is easy to tear open because of its rind that turned soft. The flesh of the Tarap is so appetizing, sweet soft, and creamy white. The seed of tarap can also be eaten by frying it with a little bit of oil. Somehow, looking at the picture makes me crave for Tarap fruit now!

2. Bambangan or Wild Mango Fruit

Bizarre fruits in Sabah
  • It is a seasonal fruit which Sabahans love to eat. However, this fruit will not be eaten raw (usually), but will be pickled, or use for cooking with fish, such as Pinasakan ( steamed fish).
  • The bambangan is spherically-shaped, brown skin and yellowish in color. It taste a bit like mango fruit, as it can be sweet or sour, due to it being a seasonal fruit. It is known to contain health-giving additives and can reduce cardiovascular diseases.

3. Breadfruit or Buah Sukun

Bizarre fruits in Sabah
  • This is one of the fruits that can keep you full for the next few hours. I have tasted this fruit in the form of fried fritters at the tamu (local market), and it tastes so delicious and filling. The breadfruit is a versatile type of crop, which you can either eat it raw or cooked, even when it is not ripe.
  • The breadfruit is usually round, oblong, or oval in shape, with a rough surface and can weigh up to 6kg. When the breadfruit is unripe, the flesh is in white color, starchy, and fibrous. If it is ripe, the flesh is in yellow color and creamier. Breadfruit is high source of gluten-free carbohydrate, calcium, iron, and minerals, as well as being a low fat, and cholesterol fruits. Breadfruit can help people in maintaining a good diet and healthy lifestyle, for those who consume it.

4. Pulasan

Bizarre fruits in Sabah
  • Some people might confuse with this fruit, as it is closely similar with rambutan due to its shape and outer look. However, pulasan is extremely sweet and juicier than rambutan, the rind is thick and dark red in color, which is covered with blunt spines.
  • Pulasan name is originating from a Malay word ‘pulas’, means to twist as we need to twist the fruit in order to open it.
  • One of the good thing about pulasan fruit is its high content of Vitamin C and can help for those who are trying to lose weight, or maintain a healthy body. Traditionally, the leaves and roots of Pulasan tree can be used for healing of the wounds.

5. Jackfruit

Bizarre fruits in Sabah
  • Jackfruit is almost exactly the same as Cempedak, but it is slightly larger than the latter. Good thing about this fruit, it is available all year round! It has a distinctive sweet and fruity aroma, and its flesh is starchy and fibrous. Jackfruit is considered as a source of dietary fiber.
  • Jackfruit can be eaten raw, cooked as a dish, or can be as a snack food in form of fritters. Some say the taste of Jackfruit flesh when it is ripe is similar to a pulled pork or chicken, which is why jackfruit has become a meat substitution for those who wanted to cut meat in their diet.
  • Jackfruit can be used in making anything from curries, noodles, deep fried snack to ice-cream! Its golden yellow flesh is not sweet and is rich in potassium, plus the seeds are edible as well and a good source of protein.

6. Eggfruit Canistel or Buah Lemak

Bizarre fruits in Sabah
  • This is one of the exotic fruit that I have never tried (yet). I have seen this kind of fruit at the roadside local market in Kundasang, Ranau. Never crossed my mind that this is a fruit and is edible too!
  • The eggfruit is a similar shape like a small mango or apricot because of its skin in yellow color. However, its size can differ, it can be nearly round shape, somewhat oval, spindle-shaped or sometimes heart-shaped. Interesting isn’t it?
  • The eggfruit flesh when ripe, is sweet and musky, and taste like an egg yolk or mashed sweet potato. Apart from that, it is rich in nutrients because it contains beta-carotene ( an essential nutrient for the eyes), iron (good for anemic), and antioxidants (aid to fight diseases).

7. Tamarillo fruit

Bizarre fruits in Sabah
  • Tamarillo or known as Tree Tomato plant, because of its look resembling a tomato. In Sabah, Tamarillo can be found in the cool climate and highland area at Kundasang. It has a unique and exotic taste. Tamarillo flesh is mildly sweet and tangy, it can taste very similar to jams, jelly, and passion fruit.
  • Tamarillo fruits are in oval and egg shape with smooth skin. The fruit itself is rich with vitamin A, vitamin C, minerals and antioxidants, can be consumed for healthy well-being and meeting our nutrient requirements.
  • Tamarillo fruits can be eaten raw as fruit, can be used in making juices, and very filling. In Sabah, some local use Tamarillo fruit to cook with fish as a dish or make a pickle.
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