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Spread Love in Arnab Village Ranau, Sabah, Borneo


September, 2017

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“Love is Happiness!”

Rabbit village Ranau, Sabah, Borneo

Signboard for the Arnab Village Ranau. Photo by: InfoSantai

Spread some love and be happy while surrounding yourself with animals. Did you know, you can have yourself surrounded by cuddly and fluffy animals in your holiday trip to Sabah, Borneo? It is none other than at the Arnab Village in Ranau, Sabah, Borneo. Experience a stress-free therapy when you get up close and personal with the rabbits in their cute and kid-friendly environment.

Rabbit village Ranau, Sabah, Borneo

A kid surroudned with rabbits. Photo by: Arnab Village Ranau

Arnab (translated from the Malay Language, which means Rabbit) Village is considered a new place of attraction in Ranau, Sabah, Borneo. Apart from that, it is the biggest Rabbit Park, as well as the first one in Sabah, Borneo. It started in 2015, when the owner, Mr. Jubair, started it as a hobby with only two rabbits and he did not expect to open an Arnab Village until it went viral through the social media. As a result, the response from locals were so great that he became an overnight sensation and upgrading his space for more of these furry animals to live in. Now, he has about 400 rabbits in the park and it has been opened to the public ever since last year.

The Arnab Village is not far from Ranau Village, but the road accessing it is a bit bumpy, so best to use a 4 wheeler when getting there. I was lucky to visit the place once, where the ride itself was like a roller coaster getting into the Arnab Village! But it was worth it. It is best to go during the day when it is not over-crowded, as a lot of locals from near and far tend to bring their families there to visit these furry creatures.

If you’re an animal lover, you will definitely enjoy this place as the animals are so warm and cuddly! But do be nice to them though, as they are animals with feelings and not a toy. Rabbits are furry and fragile creatures that need great attention and love. Apart from that, you also have a chance to feed them and see them eating straight out of your hands! So don’t forget to purchase food for the rabbits there, so you can feed the rabbit right from your hands!

Rabbit village Ranau, Sabah, Borneo

Some of the Dos and Dont’s in Arnab Village Ranau. Photo by: InfoSantai

Rabbit village Ranau, Sabah, Borneo

Kids feeding the rabbits. Photo by: Arnab Village Ranau

Rabbit village Ranau, Sabah, Borneo

Show some love to the rabbit. Photo by: Cypriano 

Check out the video below about Arnab Village Ranau: 

Therefore, going to this place, witnessing various species of the rabbits, it makes you feel like you are in a Bunny Wonderland. Amazing right? These rabbits are used to human touch, so don’t be surprised to learn how fast they get attached to you (especially when you have food in your hands). Capture these special moments of you and your loved ones playing around with these furry creatures in their cute homey place. If you love small animals, you’ll love to know that they also have guinea pigs and hamsters to play around with! It’s definitely an animal lover haven! There are also souvenirs sold in the Arnab Village, such as t-shirts, handmade soap, and many more.

For more information, you can check out their Facebook page Arnab Village Ranau. In addition, you can also read our blog entry to know more interesting places in Ranau that you should not miss out! If you are looking places in Borneo that you can bring your kids, we provide you our picks of places in Borneo that are kid-friendly. 

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