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Long Pasia A Hidden Jungle Gem
On one of our latest adventures we traveled on down to Long Pasia, which is one of the few relatively undisturbed villages we have had a chance to visit in 2015.
Long Pasia is a village situated in the district of Sipitang and located in the south-western part of Sabah, adjacent to the border of Sarawak and Kalimantan. Long Pasia means ‘mouth of the red river’ in the Lundayeh language. Population is approximate 600 people. From Kota Kinabalu City, it will take at least 3 hours on the road to Sipitang and from there at least 4 hours in a solid 4×4 wheeled vehicle up long muddy road to Long Pasia village.This is well worth it for those of you looking for real life Sabah adventure. Only solar power, no phone coverage… just a relaxed village with unconditional hospitality. You’ll also be rewarded with surroundings rich natural and historical treasures, including the beautiful Maga Waterfall, Sinipung Hill, Rekong Waterfall and Sinipung.
We really enjoyed meeting Mr. Nooh Bin Dawa, self proclaimed King of Jungle and for good reason. Nooh really knows his stuff in the outdoors… From medical and editable plants, jungle navigation, fishing, hunting and just a pure ability to live off the land.
“Happiness is only real when shared”-Into The Wild
We will definetly be recommending this area to our future guest. You’ll need a minimum of four nights in village to make the journey worth it but you’ll likely find that this journey will have a chance to be the best part of your holiday to Sabah.
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