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A Weekend Escape At The Sapi Island!


July, 2017

If you ask me about the Island nearby, i would definitely suggest you going to Sapi Island just about 15 Minutes from the Kota Kinabalu City Centre. Sapi Island is one of the islands of the Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park and it is well protected and preserved. One does not just visit the Island to have a look around. There are tons of things to do when you are in the Island. Go for a dive, snorkeling, picnic, swim, and many more.

A Weekend Escape At The Sapi Island!
Be welcome by the clear blue crystal clear ocean water of the island

Just look at that water, doesn’t it make you wanna jump in and just cool down. One of the must-not-miss activity to do when you’re in Sapi Island is of course the water sports activities. Go for the snorkeling and I bet that you won’t regret a thing as you can see a lot of beautiful coral reefs and fishes of all kinds. The amazing display of coral reefs will satisfy your eyes.

A Weekend Escape At The Sapi Island!
Put on your snorkeling mask and jump in! Don’t be shy to the fishes!
A Weekend Escape At The Sapi Island!
Mask Up and it’s Time To Dive!

Other than snorkeling, you can also go for the dive. Pulau Sapi has one of the best diving spots nearby Kota Kinabalu City. You will see many sea life and also corals. The Dive Masters will guide you to some of the best eye satisfying corals that you will ever see and I bet it’ll be a memorable one for the rest of your life. 

For the food, you can always head to the next island to grab a little or maybe a big lunch. The Padang Point beach that is only at the opposite of the Sapi Island and you can grab a quick lunch there. There is a few restaurants that operate on the island and they serve a variety of food like fried noodles, rice, and many more.

A Weekend Escape At The Sapi Island!
Here are some of the happy guest of Pulau Sapi enjoying their local lunch

Another thing that you shouldn’t miss when you’re in Sapi Island is the Zipline. It is definitely something very different from any other zipline that you will ever experience. Glide across from one island to the other island and pass through the clear blue crystal clear water and corals below.

A Weekend Escape At The Sapi Island!
The Breathtaking Views, The Adrenaline Rush and Just Pure Joy!
A Weekend Escape At The Sapi Island!
It’s the Amazing Coral Flyers!

The Coral Flyer Zipline was recently launched to offer a buzz of adrenaline rush for thrill seekers out there! From Gaya Island, you get on the zipline crossing to Sapi Island and it is super fun as you can see the excitement just by looking at the pictures. It made me super stoked seeing the pictures and it made me want to experience it myself and get that good dose of adrenaline rush.

A Weekend Escape At The Sapi Island!
Strap your camera with you and don’t forget to capture that unforgettable moment zipping across from Gaya Island to Sapi Island.

The experience I had in Sapi Island is superb and I would really recommend anyone to visit the island if they’re looking for a place to chill and just de-stress from the concrete jungles of the Kota Kinabalu City. Just take a 15 minutes boat ride from Jesselton Point to reach the Paradise Island and don’t forget to leave your problems behind okay.

A Weekend Escape At The Sapi Island!
Just enjoy the sun and just enjoy the relaxing ocean breeze as it blows all your troubles away! ^^

Apart from going to Sapi Island for day trip, there are also few places that you can spend for a day trip in your Borneo Holiday. Do check out our blog on Top 5-day trips to do in Sabah

Bring me to explore Kota Kinabalu City!

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