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5 Things Traveler Need Not Pack to Malaysian Borneo

September, 2017
Things You Need Not Pack to Malaysian Borneo

Discover the beauty of the sunset in Malaysian Borneo

Coming to Malaysian Borneo is one of the greatest feeling for any traveler. It just makes you want to jump right into packing whatever is deemed fit to bring. Over the excitement of traveling to Borneo, some travelers tend to forget that it’s the tropics, and weather, climate, and culture is totally different than that of other countries around the world. If this is your first time traveling to Malaysian Borneo, here are five things you need not pack with you.


Things You Need Not Pack to Malaysian Borneo

Wear light clothes and a long pants for jungle trekking in Borneo Jungle.

Borneo is located at the center of Southeast Asia, enjoys an equatorial climate that provides high humidity. Thus, bringing winter clothing is a No-No. Lightweight natural fabrics work best and pack long pants, as well as breathable long sleeved shirts if you are going for trekking expeditions in order to avoid from becoming an insect feast. Since the weather varies in Malaysian Borneo, travelers are advised to pack light clothings as well as rain gear.


Things You Need Not Pack to Malaysian Borneo

Travel with jewelry will require you to always carry along or keep in safe box.

Think twice before bringing your priceless valuables. Petty theft and crimes of opportunity are fairly common especially cities that are more touristy areas. It is advisable for travelers to tone down the bling and leave it at home. However, if travelers really need to carry something valuable along with them (such as jewelry for special events), best to keep it in a safe box or lock valuables in the luggage.


Things You Need Not Pack to Malaysian Borneo

Wearing revealing attires are not encouraged in Malaysian Borneo.

Like the whole of Malaysia, Borneo is engulfed in rich culture, tradition, and religion; Islam being the official religion in Malaysia. Wearing revealing attires are not encouraged as it is still quite a conservative place. But fret not, wearing shorts and tank tops are fine (depending where you are), and wearing your bikini at the islands or the beach is fine (as long as you’re not wearing it while walking down the busy roads!).


Things You Need Not Pack to Malaysian Borneo

Wear light clothes and long pants for jungle trekking in Borneo Jungle

I love bringing a book when traveling, just to catch up on my readings (I’m on holiday aren’t I?). But when traveling light, do travel light and not pack those gigantic / heavy books with you! They can wait in your humble abode until you get back to tear your nose into each pages! Also, you can easily purchase e-books online and read it anywhere in your own convenience, great way to save on unnecessary weight load.


Things You Need Not Pack to Malaysian Borneo

Bring only necessary electronic devices for traveling

Traveling for a long time would mean bringing most of your work electronics with you. I learned it the hard way, and most times, I end up having a back ache lugging around my electronics. Thanks to high tech mobile phones these days, you can easily download relevant apps to do your work straight from your mobile! If you really need to bring a laptop to catch up on emails or do designing work, get a lightweight portable laptop which is easily carried around.

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