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5 Quick Tips About Family Travel in Borneo

April, 2017
5 Quick Tips About Family Travel in Borneo
5 Quick Tips About Family Travel in Borneo
There is nothing quite like a bonding family holiday. It’s great to expose our children to new places, wonderful for mom and dad to relax with low stress. Malaysia Borneo is a wonderful choice for family travel as there are a lot of Borneo holiday package offer.
Here are 5 quick tips when visiting the region with the whole crew 🙂
Sunscreen – The weather is hot, hot and hotter in Sabah (it’s the tropics after all) so protecting your family from the sun is a must. All ranges of sunscreen are sold locally in the city areas (Kota Kinabalu and Sandakan) but it’s quite hard to find anywhere else. So make sure you have a good supply on hand before setting off on a family adventure out of the city area.
Social Differences – One of the best byproducts of family travel is introducing everyone to cultural differences from our home countries. There are many things that may be taboo or different in Sabah from your home country or vice versa, embrace those differences and realize that is why we travel to learn about other cultures, races, and traditions. Joining the Kota Kinabalu tour packages, such as our tour to Mari-Mari Cultural Village, enable you to keep an open mind to accepting social norms it will make us all more tolerate and bring our family closer together.
Food – Food can be an adventure in itself when traveling in Borneo. From eating with your hands to trying new tastes or cooking styles make sure you watch, listen and follow what locals do and you will leave your family holiday with some great stories to bring back home so, be food adventurous in Sabah.
Prices or haggling – One of the most debated travel questions when shopping abroad is “What is local price vs tourist price?”. Haggling can be fun as much as it can be stressful when you’re on family holidays in Sabah. Remember price negotiation isn’t about getting the cheapest price… it’s about paying a price that you feel is fair to you and the seller.  A few tips to make the process smooth are: always smile and be polite(everyone likes a happy shopper), don’t have buyers remorse (if you bought it, enjoy it, no matter the price) and finally enjoy the process (it can be fun if you let it be)
Safety – As parents, we will always be concerned with our families safety. That doesn’t mean we have to be guarded when in an unfamiliar place. Sabah is a very safe place for travel, especially family travel, so leave your worries on the airplane and enjoy your time on the island.
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