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Orou Sapulot

Orou Sapulot is a beautiful village which hidden within the Sabah Borneo Rainforest, located in the Heart of Borneo. It is home to one of the Sabah Borneo former Headhunting tribes – Murut people. Going for a trip to Orou Sapulot offers visitors a chance to get away from the busy city life and be contented living with the locals. Visitors will experience the daily lives of Murut people, taste the delicious rice wine in ceramic jars and local food while listening to the locals’ stories of their lives. Visitors can do activities there such as cruise along the river via traditional longboats; explore the mysterious cave; hike up the 250m limestone Pinnacles – Batu Punggul; and trekking into the pristine Borneo Rainforest. A holiday in Orou Sapulot offers visitors a different experience that most of us would never get to experience in another tour.

Orou Sapulot is located in Nabawan Sabah Borneo. Located in the middle of pristine Borneo Jungle, it is one of the hidden gems in Sabah Borneo that is amazing off the tourist trail experience. A visit to Orou Sapulot will grant any visitors a chance to travel back in time where living in the jungle with basic amenities and a comfortable stay.

A trip to Orou Sapulot offers visitors an exposure to the life of Murut people, immersed in the beauty of nature as well as to educate visitors the importance of conserving the nature and culture for future generations. For this tour, visitors can go for jungle trekking activity in search of the hidden waterfalls and some of the diverse species of Borneo flora. Moreover, visitors can experience cruising along the Sapulot River using a traditional wooden longboat, sleeping in a rustic hut or on a hammock in the jungle, hang out with the local Murut people and tasting out their traditional local food as well as homemade rice wine.

A comfortable and yet rustic accommodation is available for visitors to stay in form of homestay or eco-camp.

√ Please bring along cash (no ATM machine provided), headlights, mosquito/insect repellent, sunblock lotion, hat, your favourite trekking snacks, dry bag, swimwear, sweater/jackets, personal toiletries, personal medications, torchlight, drinking water bottle, trekking shoes, binoculars, camera, sleeping bag, light and quick-dry hiking clothes


Our driver will pick you up at the airport/ hotel lobby and transfer to Keningau for about 2 hours journey drive. Upon arrival at Keningau town, switch to a 4WD vehicle and proceed your journey to reach Labang Village. From there, take a traditional boat to reach Pungiton Camp. Upon arrival at the Pungiton Camp, get settled and have your lunch at the camp. After that, go for a leisure walk to discover the unexplored Tinahas Caves. Witness the unique formations of stalactite and stalagmite, as well as walking into the underground streams into the cave. You can explore as much as you can in the cave, then return to the camp for a refreshing dip in the river. Enjoy your dinner at the camp and call it a day.


Wake up early morning for breakfast at the camp and check out. Proceed to Tataluan Village for your river excursion to Batu Punggul. Batu Punggul is an 800-feet high of limestone pinnacle, rising out of the Borneo Jungle. Once arrival, your climbing activity starts! The climbing up journey may take about 45 – 60 minutes. When you reach the top, be fascinated with the amazing view of Borneo Jungle canopy below. After that, descent back and enjoy your lunch by the riverbank.

Then, continue your journey to reach a Modern Village House at Romol Village, where you will stay for the night with the Murut community. Enjoy the night by feasting the traditional Murut food, local rice wine and dance performance by the Murut community.


Wake up and have your local breakfast. Then, proceed to go for short trekking to the Hidden Kabulongou Waterfall, where you can go for a swim and relax. Light refreshment will be served. After that, return back to Romol Village for a quick lunch and bid farewell to the Murut community. Transfer to Keningau for about 2-hours journey where you will meet our driver and proceed your journey back to Kota Kinabalu

End of tour

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